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Agile Business Analysis

a flexible response to change,
a value increase using fewer resources,
waste reduction during requirements discovery.

An Overview of Lean / Agile Business Analysis

Bring some time. This overview takes 46 minutes.

Agile Business Analysis Book

Online Course

Agile Business Analysis: Getting / Writing Lean Requirements

Agile Business Analysis Exposed
Stay competitive
To stay competitive in today’s globalized economy, you need to bring products to market sooner and with fewer resources.
Embrace change
Ignoring innovation is dangerous to the future of your business. Instead, embrace creativity and change.
Eliminate waste
We used to gather and define all requirements upfront, work in silos, and check quality at the end. This no longer works.
Empower your team with lean and agile business analysis techniques.

Agile Business Analysis: Getting / Writing Lean Requirements

Affordable Online Course For Product Owners, Business-side Teams and anyone wearing the business analysis hat
At BA-EXPERTS, our instructors have trained, consulted, mentored and coached thousands of business analysts around the world for organizations from small businesses to Fortune 100.
Many of our consultants and instructors have been keynote speakers at conferences world-wide. Some have authored their own books on business analysis and related topics.
Tom Hathaway, co-founder of BA-EXPERTS has observed the power of Lean Business Analysis in action. He is the author of this course.
Lean Business Analysis
is focused on increasing efficiency by making incremental improvements to software and capturing customer feedback early and often. This minimizes waste in the product development cycle. Lean Business Analysis prioritizes experimentation over elaborate planning, and celebrates continuous, incremental improvement. It eliminates much of the bureaucracy that accompanied traditional Business Analysis.
Agile Business Analysis eCourse
How Does It Work?
Build teams
Build cross-functional, self-motivating teams by fostering a team culture that includes prompt feedback. Always communicate openly and respectfully with your team.
Determine MVP
Determine a minimum viable product (MVP). This is a stripped-down version of a product, software, or website that early adopters can test.
Apply lean thinking
Apply Agile and Lean thinking to your software development process as well as to detailed requirements discovery, analysis, and acceptance testing.
Get feedback
Release the MVP and get feedback from your customers. Improve the product. Embrace change. Repeat the process.
Agile Business Analysis Introduction
Lean Requirements Analysis Is Essential
in a Lean and Agile World
The process of defining IT requirements is evolving rapidly. Backlogs replace requirements definition documents. User Stories, Epics and Features replace requirement statements. Scenarios and Examples replace test cases. The timing of business analysis activities is shifting like sand.
Lean and Agile software development philosophies are a way of developing and delivering valuable working software to the business. They are NOT a way to identify business needs or stakeholder requirements.
Take the Path to Lean and Agile Business Analysis

2-3 day workshop

This live classroom training presents how to eliminate waste in your requirements discovery efforts.
We tailor all our workshops to your environment and needs.

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