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Free agile lean waterfall business analysis techniques for product owners

User Experience Analysis (UX) for Chatbot Development

Define purpose, user goals, business objectives, and target audience for engaging lead generation, product sales, and engagement bots


Author: Tom and Angela Hathaway
Video Duration: 9.43 minutes

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Before you start building your chatbot, you need to know what it can and should do for the visitor. Although the user experience determines the success of the chatbot, the driving force behind the development of the chatbot has to be clearly articulated business goals.

Defining the business problems and opportunities that your chatbot must address is the first critical step for a successful bot. The second step in User Experience Analysis for Chatbots is to define your target audience and user goals. Great chatbots satisfy both business needs and user goals for the selected target audience.

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Create a Positive Chatbot User Experience

Lead generation bots, product sales, and engagement bots are in exceedingly high demand these days. However, a chatbot that creates a bad user experience can cost your dearly.  So, how can you create engaging and successful chatbots? The answer is simple. Just like in any other software development effort, you must start with User Experience and/or Business Analysis techniques.

Start with a Business Goal

What are you trying to achieve with a chatbot? At our company, we started our chatbot project with problem and opportunity analysis. After talking to our customers, we learned that it was difficult for people to find the right courses, books, and coaching offers for them. Many gave up and we lost valuable potential leads and product sales. In addition, our salespeople spent a lot of their time talking to unqualified leads.

For that reason, we developed BAXBY the bot and deployed it on our website as well as on our Facebook page. With a series of questions, BAXBY guides the user to the best business analysis training opportunities for them. We describe “the how” in our course, Design, Build, Publish, and Monitor Chatbots Using the Drag-and-Drop Landbot Platform. Landbot is an excellent chatbot platform to develop rule-based chatbot. It allows you to create engaging bots for your website, WhatsApp, or Facebook. And the best part, NO CODING REQUIRED. Go ahead, check out the course description.

Case Study: User Experience Analysis for Engaging Chatbot Development

The above video explains the first steps we took in developing BAXBY. We used common User Experience (UX) and business analysis techniques to get to the business goals and define personas meaning the target audiences. Next, we figured out the goals that our users had and what business outcome the bot had to deliver.

One of our business goals was to separate B2B and B2C inquiries. We wanted potential B2B customers to talk in person with one of our salespeople since in B2B, we always customize each of our offers to the specific business analysis training needs.

On the other hand, we wanted the chatbot to guide potential B2C customers who were interested in our online courses, books, or coaching offers to a product link.

If you would like to know more detail of how we did this in more detail, I recommend you watch the video where Tom explains it step by step.

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