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Writing Acceptance Criteria Like a Pro

In my previous post, The Everything User Story Guide: Tips and Tricks for Writing Better Requirements, I touched briefly on writing Acceptance Criteria. This time, I will go further in-depth and give you some tips on how to write good ones. Let me start by answering...

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8 Techniques for Splitting User Stories

In my post, The Everything User Story Guide: Tips and Tricks for Writing Better Requirements, I touched on Splitting User Stories and promised a post that expands on this topic. Here it is. To split or not to split – that is not a question that is easily answered. In...

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We created the BA-EXPERTS Business Analysis blog to offer traditional, state-of-the-practice, and evolving tips, techniques and insights. Our all-consuming goal is to improve your business analysis outcomes whether your IT group speaks Agile, Waterfall, or Iterative SDM. Our target audience is “the one wearing the Business Analysis hat”, whether you have the title “Business Analyst” or not.

Business Analysis Around the World

Our objective is to keep each of these business analysis “insight” messages short and to the point with information that you can use (or, in some cases, be amused). Our pledge to you is that the contents of the posts will be more than just our opinions. We will base the majority of our articles on the results of extensive research by one of the best content researchers in the business, Angela Hathaway (who can find anything on the web, so if you lost your keys or your wallet…).

Business Analysis Made Easy

In addition, we aim to keep you apprised of what is happening in the world of Business Analysis, System Analysis, Business System Analysis, Requirements Analysis and whatever else organizations decide to call this vital function. Our blog posts will help you in your never-ending search for truth, wisdom and the perfect requirement. (We suspect that finding truth and wisdom will be the easier quest, but we, like you, will never stop trying).

Consise High Quality Content

How To Write User Stories That Deliver Real Business Value

How to Capture, Write, Prioritize, Rightsize and Split User Stories Plus Acceptance Tests with Given-When-Then Scenarios

Online Course: Agile Business Analysis: Getting / Writing Lean Requirements

what is lean or agile business analysis?

User Stories: A Collaboration Tool for Business and IT

How to Capture, Write, Prioritize, Rightsize, and Flesh Out User Stories with Defined Acceptance Tests as Given-When-Then (GWT) Scenarios

How to Facilitate Agile Meetings and User Story Workshops

How to Facilitate or Participate in Successful Live or Virtual Meetings and Workshops that Define Digital Solutions

Requirements Gathering with Use Cases for Business Analysts

Lean Use Cases to identify and write Use Case models and diagrams

How to Design, Build, Deploy, and Manage Directed Chatbots

Learn how to build a Landbot chatbot with conversational flow design

Live Virtual Classroom

online and onsite face to face live classroom training

Business Analyst Skills Test

Evaluate Your Business Analysis Skills



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