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Business Analysis Training a la Carte

To be effective, you need business analysis training tailored to the needs of your business AND the needs of each employee. Our proprietary process assembles an optimal set of training topics based on your group’s current and desired business analysis skill levels. We use our Business Analysis Skills Assessment to establish these levels.


Many employers have recognized the value of customized training. But what is customized training? Customized training is courseware tailored to the needs of each business.

BA-EXPERTS has taken training tailoring to a new level. We tailor our business analysis training to the needs of each business and the needs of each employee. The tailoring process starts with a web-based self-assessment by each participant covering 48 skills generally associated with business analysis. Registered participants rank each skill from “No idea what this is” to “Expert – I do this and can teach it to others”.

Optionally, managers can establish a desired skill level (goal) by filling out the assessment indicating the skill level their people should have to be effective. In the absence of manager input, the default goal is the 80 percentile in each of six knowledge areas defined by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) as required to pass the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) exam.

Based on the results of the managers’ (if available) and the participants’ assessments, BA-EXPERTS next manually evaluates the current skill levels of each member of the group as compared with the goal. This evaluation may lead to recommendations regarding resizing or rearranging the group to homogenize the group for a more effective training experience.

Next, our instructional designers assemble the optimal set of topics to present as a class to each group based on their current and desired skill levels. Our in-house CMS then generates the course material with integrated exercises and case study, the slide presentation, and the instructor guide. It also produces a master document for printing student handouts of the tailored training package.

BA-EXPERTS recommends scheduling the training within 2 – 6 weeks of the self-assessments. Four to six weeks after the training, the participants again assess their skills in the same areas as they did before the training. The CMS combines these results with the pre-training responses on an individual-by-individual basis. Our instructional designers/consultants present these results graphically to management, discuss progress toward goals, address any anomalies (both good and bad), and recommend additional development options.

In addition, BA-EXPERTS emails each individual who participated in the training a graph showing their original assessment, goals, and personal improvement in each topic. As a final assessment, we encourage the participants’ managers to conduct a performance review about 3 months after completion of the training. The purpose of this review is to assess how well the participant transferred newly acquired skills from the workshop to the work place.

Using our tailored training process, a group of 17 participants recently improved their skills as measured pre- to post-training by as much as 46% with an average improvement of 20%.

Our assessment-based, tailored business analysis training programs allow employees to focus on building the skills they need for their specific role. The organization gets the biggest bang for their training dollars by avoiding unnecessary training while ensuring that real training needs are covered.

Our Business Analysis Skills Evaluation (BASE) tool is just one piece of the puzzle of improving your group’s business analysis abilities. Because we acknowledge that learning is a process, not a single event, we also offer live and virtual coaching and consulting support to complete the skills transfer process. Get started with a free skills evaluation now.

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