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How to Facilitate or Participate in Successful Live or Virtual Meetings and Workshops that Define Digital Solutions

Next-Gen Facilitation: AI-Enhanced Requirements Gathering

Resolve conflicts and manage difficult personalities in meetings with confidence, fostering a collaborative atmosphere conducive to innovation

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Duration: 4 hours video content PLUS quizzes 
Format: Online course
Author: Tom and Angela Hathaway


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What is this course about?

Unleash Enhanced Collaboration with AI and Proven Techniques: A Course for Business Analysts and Requirements Engineers

Master the Art of Collaborative Meetings and Workshops

Do your meetings feel more like roadblocks than stepping stones to progress?

This course empowers you to transform your meetings and workshops into engaging, productive events that drive results. We’ll equip you with a powerful blend of time-tested facilitation methods and cutting-edge AI technology like ChatGPT to unlock unparalleled collaboration and innovation.

Learn How to Plan and Run Productive Agile Meetings and JAD Sessions

A lack of effective communication skills can be holding you back in your career development. If you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a group, register for this course to:

  • leverage evolving generative AI tools like ChatGPT to improve your facilitation skills
  • learn how to empower collaboration in productive meetings
  • help IT deliver what the business community is requesting
  • reduce the amount of time spent in non-productive meetings
  • lead challenging workshops for defining evolving business needs
  • identify and practice soft skills necessary for effective facilitation and collaboration


Key Takeaways:

  • Craft meetings that are not just necessary, but eagerly anticipated by your team.
  • Harness the power of effective communication to foster engagement and creativity.
  • Utilize ChatGPT to complement traditional skills and enhance team participation.
  • Master the synergy between AI and collaboration for peak efficiency and innovation.
  • Discover techniques like participatory feedback and Agile 3-amigo conversations.
  • Become a valuable asset by acquiring critical competencies sought after by top employers.

Why is this relevant for Business Analysts and Requirements Engineers?

 Collaboration is the cornerstone of success in today’s business landscape. This course empowers you to bridge the gap between business and technology through effective communication, a highly sought-after skill by 69% of leading employers. By becoming an expert facilitator, you’ll unlock the full potential of your team and deliver unparalleled value to your organization.

Enroll today and embark on a journey to transform your meetings, your team, and your career!


Course Contents

Section I. Starting Your Journey: Agile, AI, and the Art of Effective Meeting Facilitation

Discover how AI, especially ChatGPT, can transform meeting facilitation and drive agile team collaboration to new heights. Learn the essential skills to lead successful requirement workshops, from harnessing group dynamics to leveraging prompt engineering for optimal outcomes.

Section II. Optimize Project Communication from 3-Amigo Conversations to Effective Workshops

Master the art of stakeholder communication, from informal interviews to full-scale workshops, to ensure IT project success. Gain insights on how to balance workshop dynamics and adapt to the virtual shift, ensuring effective project communication at every stage.

Section III. The Secret to Productive Requirements Meetings? Planning and Preparing!

Uncover the strategies for planning and preparing meetings that foster collaboration, trust, and focus, leading to productive requirement gatherings. From setting SMART objectives to selecting attendees and tools, this section ensures your meetings have a clear direction and purpose.

Section IV. Advanced Requirements Elicitation – From Soft Skills to Strategic Thinking

Enhance your elicitation strategies with a mix of soft skills and strategic thinking, utilizing both rational and nonconscious mindsets for better stakeholder engagement. Develop your ability to uncover deeper business needs by bridging technology and human understanding.

Section V. Transforming Business Analysis: The Power of Listening and Nonverbal Communication

Delve into the nuanced realms of verbal, vocal, and visual communication to revolutionize business analysis and collaborative communication. Learn to overcome listening barriers and harness nonverbal cues to reveal underlying user needs and elevate your elicitation capabilities.

Section VI. Strategies for Enhancing Communication and Resolving Conflicts in Meetings

Equip yourself with effective strategies for overcoming common meeting challenges, from late arrivals to conflict resolution. Refine your facilitation skills with tools and techniques that promote engagement and manage difficult personalities, ensuring productive dialogue.

Section VII. Ways to Wrap Up Your Session and Move Forward

Conclude your sessions with a focus on creating lasting business value and fostering post-workshop collaboration to optimize impact. This section provides a reflective close to the training experience, with a commitment to continued learning and a bonus lecture on further business analysis courses.


About the Instructor: Tom Hathaway

  • Teaches 16 Udemy courses for Agile Business Analysis with over 110,000 students enrolled.
  • Champions the responsible use of artificial intelligence to augment lean and agile requirements gathering methods.
  • Extensive YouTube Channel with over 150 videos for 19K+ subscribers and 1.8M+ views.
  • Authored 13 Business Analysis books covering tools and techniques for Agile and traditional software requirements.
  • Consultant to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies.
  • Facilitated 100’s of User Story and Requirements Gathering Workshops / JAD Sessions for multi-million-dollar projects.
  • 35+ years’ experience with instructor-led training for tens of thousands of students around the world.
  • Extensive experience using generative AI tools to speed up delivery of required documents.
  • Coach and mentor for aspiring business analysts.

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Who should take this course?

  • Product Owners
  • Product Team Members
  • Product and Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Requirements Engineers
  • Business- and Customer-side Team Members
  • Agile Team Members
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Systems Analysts and Designers
  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance Specialists/Testing Team Members
  • AND anyone interested in improving their facilitation and communication skills for today’s collaborative business environment.

What Can You Do After the Course?

Upon completion of this course, you can:

  • Help participants discover and document features, functions, user stories, and requirements for future digital solutions by leveraging brain science
  • Resolve conflicts and manage difficult personalities in meetings with confidence, fostering a collaborative atmosphere conducive to innovation.
  • Apply knowledge of the conscious and nonconscious minds to enhance stakeholder engagement, communication, and decision-making processes.
  • Harness the power of attentive, analytic, and empathetic listening to uncover hidden user needs and drive meaningful project outcomes.
  • Leverage nonverbal communication skills to read and influence the room, ensuring effective transmission and reception of ideas.
  • Optimize the output of User Story Workshops, 3-Amigos Conversations, JAD Sessions, and 1-on-1 requirements interviews
  • Understand the significant role that the conscious and nonconscious minds play in collaborative conversations
  • Understand the nuances of crafting effective prompts to simulate conversations with diverse personalities
  • Plan, prepare, and perform collaborative meetings with an expanded toolkit of techniques and soft skills
  • Maintain the momentum of your collaborative conversations by applying proven facilitation techniques
  • Discover how to leverage ChatGPT as a personalized communication coach for realistic practice
  • Manage the roles that conscious and nonconscious minds play in collaborative conversations
  • Reduce conflicts and enhance connections, empathy, and productivity in your communications
  • Mitigate threats to successful collaboration using conflict resolution strategies
  • Anticipate common challenges associated with face-to-face and virtual meetings
  • Leverage AI tools to assist in planning and executing requirements workshops.

Detailed Course Outline

I. Starting Your Journey: Agile, AI, and the Art of Effective Meeting Facilitation

  • Requirements Conversations, Meetings, and Workshops: Enhanced with Generative AI
  • About the instructor
  • Evolution of Meetings: From Collaborative Conversations to Requirement Workshops
  • Empower Every Voice: How to Lead Productive Collaborative Sessions in Business
  • ChatGPT Can Make You a Better Facilitator for Requirement Meetings and Workshops
  • From Novice to Pro: Prompt Engineering Strategies for Optimal ChatGPT Outcomes
  • Master Collaboration in Agile and Lean: Key Strategies for Effective Meetings
  • Enhance Meeting Productivity by Sharing the Facilitator Role

II. Optimize Project Communication from 3-Amigo Conversations to Effective Workshops

  • Mastering Stakeholder Conversations: Strategies for IT Project Success
  • Navigating Informal Interviews: Preparation Meets Opportunity
  • Unlock Collaboration: The Power of Small Group Interviews in Technology Projects
  • Effective Workshop Facilitation: Balancing Dynamics, Duration, and Participation
  • Adapting to Online Meetings: Navigating the Shift from Physical to Virtual
  • From 1-on-1 to Full-Scale Workshops: A Guide to Collaborative Conversations

III. The Secret to Productive Requirements Meetings? Planning and Preparing!

  • Transforming Workplace Dynamics: How to Promote Collaboration and Trust
  • Maximizing Success in Large Group Collaborations: Facilitation Is the Key
  • SMART Meeting Objectives: A Cheat Sheet for Keeping Your Group Focused
  • Attendee Selection: How to Multiply Your Event’s Effectiveness
  • Desired Outcomes/Deliverables Drive Agenda Development
  • Select the Right Tools and Techniques for the Desired Outcome
  • The Evolution of Communication: Adapting to Virtual Collaboration
  • Effective Agenda Setting for Traditional and Agile Teams: Tips and Strategies
  • Optimized Agendas Drive Success in Requirements Meetings and Workshops
  • Leverage ChatGPT for Enhanced Workshop and Meeting Agenda Creation
  • Planning for Success: Crafting the Right Agenda for Virtual Collaboration
  • Ensure that Your Requirements Meeting Invitation Gets Read and Accepted

IV. Advanced Requirements Elicitation – From Soft Skills to Strategic Thinking

  • Boost Your Workshop and Meeting Success: Essential Soft and Hard Skills
  • Navigate Team Dynamics: The Importance of Social Skills in Collaboration
  • Bridging Minds and Technology by Leveraging the Conscious and Nonconscious Minds
  • Balancing TOM and MOT: Master Your Rational and Automatic Minds
  • MOT vs. TOM: Balancing Instinct and Logic in Business Decisions and Strategies
  • From Incompetence to Competence: The Learning Stages Through TOM’s Eyes
  • Bridging Minds: Communicating Between TOM and MOT for Effective Collaboration
  • Harnessing the Nonconscious for Stakeholder Engagement and Project Success
  • Unlocking Business Needs: The Art of Asking Beyond Why to Uncover Business Value
  • Leveraging Rewards to Cultivate Soft Skills and Foster Collaboration

V. Transforming Business Analysis: The Power of Listening and Nonverbal Communicati

  • Verbal, Vocal, and Visual: The Triple V’s of Collaborative Communication
  • Bridging Communication Gaps: Understanding the Language of Collaboration
  • ChatGPT Demo: Mastering Your Subject Matter Experts’ Domain Language In Minutes
  • The Language Of Collaboration: How You Say It Is As Important As What You Say
  • The Silent Language of Collaboration: Reading and Using Nonverbal Signals
  • Engaged Listening Skills Elevate Requirements and User Story Elicitation Ability
  • Attentive, Analytic, & Empathetic Listening Techniques Reveal Hidden User Needs
  • Harnessing the Tension of Silence to Extract Comprehensive Requirements
  • The Challenges of Listening: From Confirmation Bias to the Vividness Effect
  • Recognizing and Overcoming Listening Barriers in Stakeholder Conversations
  • Navigating Silent Communication: Pros and Cons of Written Elicitation

VI. Strategies for Enhancing Communication and Resolving Conflicts in Meetings

  • Best Practices for Navigating Late Arrivals and No-Shows in Meetings
  • Icebreakers in Live and Virtual Meetings: When and How to Use Them Effectively
  • The Requirements Meeting Facilitator’s Toolkit: Techniques for Engaging Meetings
  • Guiding Conversations with Confidence: Techniques for Leaders
  • Promoting Effective Communication in Collaborative Conversations
  • Facilitator’s Guide to Handling Meeting Distractions with Finesse
  • Conflict Resolution in Meetings: Strategies for Productive Dialogue
  • ChatGPT Demonstrates How To Handle a Dominator Personality Type
  • Enhance Your Communication Skills: Dealing with Other Difficult Personalities
  • Best Practices for Leading Engaging and Productive Virtual Conversations
  • Effective Documentation Strategies for Virtual Meetings: Notes vs Recordings

VII. Ways to Wrap Up Your Session and Move Forward

  • Ensure Your Collaborative Meetings Provide Lasting Business Value
  • Tips For Fostering Collaboration After The Workshop To Optimize Impact
  • A Final Word About this Training Experience and a Solemn Promise from Us
  • BONUS LECTURE: More Business Analysis Courses from Tom and Angela Hathaway

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