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Business and Requirements Analysis skills needed in the future

This week’s Business Insider features an article by Mara Leighton with the good-news title, “15 skills LinkedIn says are most likely to get you hired in 2020 — plus the affordable online courses you can take to build them”. 

The article, published April 13, 2020 is based on a LinkedIn study. It lists hard and soft skills for which demand outpaces availability.

Guess which skill made the top 10? You probably guessed it, Business Analysis, and you would be right! It placed 6th. And the great news is that you can hone your Business Analysis skills while sitting at home itching to get back to work as soon this damned Coronavirus pandemic permits.

Skill-Building Opportunities Tailored for Your Home Stay

It’s been a while since we last posted an article explaining our self-paced training curriculum so here is the current list.

They are ordered in the recommended sequence, but there are no required prerequisites between them, meaning you can take them in whatever order makes the most sense to you based on your familiarity with the field.

Waterfall Lives in Many Organizations

Although we are big fans of Agile Software Development, some projects still need the traditional touch. Hera are four skill-building opportunities for those working in traditional environments: 

Some Skills Are Essential for Any IT Project

In addition, we have two all-purpose courses that are suitable for Business Analysts working in any environment: 

Take Advantage of Our Special COVID-19 Pricing on Virtual Live Training Courses for Anyone Wearing the Business Analysis Hat

To give everyone a break during these trying times, we are offering 50% off our standard prices for virtual classroom (live / instructor-led) courses. Life is tough enough right now. Everyone could use a break.

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