Getting and Writing IT Requirements in a Lean and Agile World – Simply Put!

Learn how to eliminate waste in your requirements gathering process. Allow for faster delivery of features that your business needs.

Especially developed for Product Owners and business-side team members.

Build a Top-Notch

Lean or Agile Business-Side Team

Getting Lean Requirements will reduce the cost and improve the outcome of your IT projects whether your organization adopts Agile (e.g. Scrum), Lean (e.g. Kanban), DevOps, Continuous Delivery, or traditional software development (e.g. Waterfall) philosophies.

Lean Requirements =
more value, less waste

This 3-day, exercise-intensive training experience reveals how to get the
RIGHT requirements from the
RIGHT people at the
RIGHT level of detail
at each stage of your IT development process

Increase the efficiency of your team

Learn how to discover, capture, clarify, and confirm the kind of IT requirements that software developers need.

Elicit and Write Business Requirements

Define business needs and wants in SMART Features, Requirements, and User Stories that support Agile, Lean, and Continuous Delivery philosophies

Break down Features and User Stories

Drill-down into Requirements, Features, and User Stories to reveal functional and non-functional requirements as well as acceptance criteria.

Identify Acceptance Tests (Scenarios)

Use Gherkin to express Scenarios in Given-When-Then structures using Examples, Outlines, and Engineered Test Data

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Trusted and used by Fortune 500 companies

Miyuki Masuda, Training Director, Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE

“…, having completed the massive 2-month business analysis training marathon for 120 participants, each attending 5 days, we find that your course was not one of those mass products quickly put together, but it was like an old tree grown with authenticity and experience. For those keen to learn, there was a lot to discover. They returned to their jobs with courage to try new techniques, and daring to ask questions where needed.”

Why you can trust us with your training needs

35 Years of Experience

BA-EXPERTS has trained, consulted, mentored and coached thousands of business analysts around the world for organizations from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

The Principals

The principals,  Tom and Angela Hathaway have saved their customers around the world millions and can help your organization improve its business analysis practices. As the authors of several best-selling books and self-paced training courses, they know how to transfer business analysis skills and lean requirements engineering how-to.

Current and Past Customers

Hundreds of current and past customers include Berkley Technology Solutions (Insurance), TIAA-CREF (Financial), Cathay Pacific (Airline), Emirates Airlines, Manitoba Telecom Services (Telecommunications), Starwood Hotels and Resorts (Hospitality), Chicago Bridge and Iron (Manufacturing), government agencies, and a myriad of other organizations.

High praise from our students

That class is by far the best quality specific tech/business training class that I’ve attended in the 6+ years that I’ve been with TIAA-CREF.

One of the best, if not the best Udemy course I have taken. A very professional and detailed course with links to excellent additional resources. Very well done!

The instructor is amazing. The class is very informative. I will be taking more classes from this instructor.

This particular class is already delivering first-rate value as relevant to Business Analysts at my level. With its basis in the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and the associated Bus. Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABoK), it ties in very neatly with the Project Mgmt. Institute (PMI) program which I’ve been involved with.

I cannot say enough good things about this course - it opened my eyes to many ideas, methodologies and frameworks and has given me a lot of ideas that I can begin to implement right away.

The virtual training sessions I attended far exceeded my expectations and were more useful than many of the onsite trainings I have attended throughout my career.

Although I wouldn't consider myself a dedicated Business Analyst or even particularly advanced in my experience, the course was still well suited for my understanding. K.

Very informative, with loads of exercises to help in understanding. Excellent delivery and good emphasis on Given, When, Then (Gherkin). In fact it's so good and packed with examples that I need to re-visit again.

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FREE BA Techniques Video Library

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