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Free agile lean waterfall business analysis techniques for product owners

IT Business Analysts Must Think Lean and Agile

Thinking Lean and Agile Requirements and User Stories Expands Your Skillset


Author: Tom and Angela Hathaway
Video Duration: 12:50 minutes

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IT Business analysts are an integral part of a project team, bringing unique skillsets, knowledge, and experience to the table. They are responsible for managing multiple stakeholders with high-level thinking while implementing technology solutions which supports the organizations’ goals from the perspective of its business needs.

Udemy Course: Agile Business Analysis: Writing Lean BUSINESS Use Cases

Enabling Stakeholders to Capture, Organize, and Communicate Functional Business Requirements for a Digital Solution


Lean and Agile Business Analysis Is the New Normal

Whether you are working in an Agile or a traditional (read “waterfall”) environment, you should consider getting lean and agile in how you gather business needs. The move beyond traditional project management is a transition to agile management. The key to success for business analysts is to think and adopt a “lean” and “agile” mindset. That will help them become more effective in moving towards rapidly delivering business changes.

A Critical Success Factor is Breaking Big Projects into Smaller Tasks

A key principle of agile methodology is the breakdown of big projects into smaller tasks that the team completes over a series of sprints. These sprints are planned with a release planning meeting in which management approves or rejects new features that the sprint will deliver.

In order to make sure your team is working efficiently, you should also plan your sprints ahead in order to align them with any potential new releases to meet deadlines.

User Story Best Practices for
Agile and Business-side Teams

How to Capture, Write, Prioritize, Rightsize and Split User Stories Plus Acceptance Tests with Given-When-Then Scenarios

Lean Business Use Cases in an Agile World

Lean Use Cases to identify and write Use Case models and diagrams

For the Readers: Lean / Agile Business Analysis Techniques

Book - Lean Agile User Stories and Features

Learn how to design and build Chatbots

Learn how to build a Landbot chatbot with conversational flow design

Kick-start Your Business Analyst Career

Books, eBooks, and Online Courses at a Reasonable Cost
Written for the aspiring Business Analyst and anyone tasked with defining the business needs, requirements, or user stories for a future IT solution.

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