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Free agile lean waterfall business analysis techniques for product owners

IT Business Analysts Drive Agile Requirements Elicitation

IT BAs Need to Facilitate User Story Workshops, Requirements Meetings, and 3-Amigo Conversations


Author: Tom and Angela Hathaway
Video Duration: 7:02 minutes

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Business analysts are key players in any information technology (IT) change initiative. Their knowledge and expertise make lean requirements elicitation easy and effective. In this business analysis role, they need the competencies of a product owner and product manager to get their job done.

Udemy Course: Agile Business Analysis: Writing Lean BUSINESS Use Cases

Enabling Stakeholders to Capture, Organize, and Communicate Functional Business Requirements for a Digital Solution


Business Analysts Need to Support Lean and Agile Development to Remain Relevant

As a business analyst, your role is to build initial business needs for products or services. Whether you express those needs as user stories, feature lists, or simple requirement statements, they drive developers work on Agile and traditional software projects. Your job is to brainstorm with the business-side team to identify functionality that the proposed product or service must deliver before developers begin building it.

A product owner then takes these ideas and manages the priority and sequence of delivery for developers. Finally, the business analyst works with the team to create scenarios of how users will interact with the next release of the product or service. Scenarios serve as test criteria that prove the product or service delivers the expected business value.

User Story Best Practices for
Agile and Business-side Teams

How to Capture, Write, Prioritize, Rightsize and Split User Stories Plus Acceptance Tests with Given-When-Then Scenarios

Lean Business Use Cases in an Agile World

Lean Use Cases to identify and write Use Case models and diagrams

For the Readers: Lean / Agile Business Analysis Techniques

Book - Lean Agile User Stories and Features

Learn how to design and build Chatbots

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Kick-start Your Business Analyst Career

Books, eBooks, and Online Courses at a Reasonable Cost
Written for the aspiring Business Analyst and anyone tasked with defining the business needs, requirements, or user stories for a future IT solution.

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