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The Impact of AI on Strategic, Tactical, and Targeted Business Analysis

How Do Big Data, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence Affect Business Analysts?


Author: Tom and Angela Hathaway
Video Duration: 8:23 minutes

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What are the roles of a strategic, tactical, and targeted business analyst in today’s digital transformation? How does the evolving science of data analytics impact business analysis at each level?

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Digital Transformation Will Impact Business Analysis at Every Level

First, let’s define the roles of strategic, tactical, and targeted business analysis from an AI perspective.

Strategic business analysis is the process of envisioning a business environment of services, products, and customers. This type of analysis uses AI to establish visions and strategies for clients in consultation with key stakeholders.

Tactical business analysis focuses on actions that leverage those strategies. Often these actions may be limited to one project or solution set.

Targeted business analysis implements existing processes to better serve the customer or increase company efficiency.

As AI Evolves, So, Too, Will the Responsibilities of Business Analysts

As AI-based technologies continue to evolve, they will help businesses achieve efficient methods that can be applied at all three levels. However, they will not replace any of the levels of business analysis.

To achieve maximum results from emerging AI technologies, it is important to define their role in your organization’s operations while still delivering excellent service to your stakeholders.

What Is in It for You?

This video presents the challenges facing today’s and tomorrow’s business analysts who are involved with artificial intelligence technologies. It also suggests some ideas on how those responsible for defining future digital solutions will be integral to driving digital transformation.

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