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Our KnowledgeKnuggets™ (KK) have been viewed over 1 million times on various platforms since we introduced the concept. As a thank you to all our loyal supporters, we are currently granting free access to all videos in our library. The videos cover anything from strategic and tactical business analysis, to business needs and reuirements, requirements workshops,  process modeling, data modeling, test scenario development, and many more business analysis techniques.

The fundamental idea behind KnowledgeKnuggets™ is to provide the viewer with a 5 – 15 minute video presentation covering a single topic relevant to the field of business analysis. Whether they provide answers to “What Is …?” or “How To …?” questions, they are designed to be understood by all and apparently have achieved their goal.

We thank our visitors for the overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers around the globe

  • “You are just very good. I got it for the very 1st time. Teaching method is the best”
  • “Absolutely fantastic video series! Thank you!”
  • “Great video! Very clear in explanation and good visual demonstration too. Thank you!”
  • “Thank’s dude, I will pass my SDD test cause of you :)”

Whether you are considering a career in business analysis or are “just” responsible for defining and writing requirements for an IT project, these FREE KnowledgeKnuggets™ are for you. We designed them to express answers to sometimes complex questions in the simplest possible way.

Our KnowledgeKnuggets™ are “intellimated”, meaning they are not “talking head” videos. We apply the latest instructional design methods and augment the audio presentation with video animations designed to enhance the learning experience and promote retention.

Our FREE Business Analysis Training page, lists all KnowledgeKnuggets™ offering hours and hours of ideas on a wide variety of business analysis topics based on our combined experience of over 60 years in the field.

We hope you enjoy the free knowledge and contribute any comments, reviews, questions, or suggestions you care to share.

Obviously, we are especially thankful for paying customers who purchase our onsite or online training, self-paced eCourses, books, and eMentoring services. Your purchases enable us to continue pursuing our passion, namely providing the world with more FREE business analysis training.

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