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How to Build Business Analysis Skills

Learning is a process, not a single event. FAST TRACK is a comprehensive business analysis skill-building program designed specifically around the 70-20-10 model of learning. We inform you (with eCourses, video shorts, classroom training, and reading materials), we show you (with examples and case studies), and we support you (with feedback and guidance when you apply the skill in real life).


Studies indicate that you can build only about 10% of any skill by attending a presentation (live or virtual) or reading an appropriate book. You build about 20% of your skill by working your way through good and bad examples pertinent to the subject at hand. You cannot really get beyond the theory without applying what you learned. You build the remaining 70% of a skill when you use the new skill and get qualified feedback.

At BA-EXPERTS, we designed our learning program specifically around the 70-20-10 model of learning. Yes, we offer training courses, online and onsite; but our learning program neither starts nor stops there. Our Business Analysis Skills Self-Assessment tailors our training content to your group’s unique combination of needs. Since the 70-20-10 model proves that learning is a process – not an event – the next step is instructor-led online and/or face-to-face business analysis skills training courses. To support this learning phase, we provide participants access to a wide range of books, eCourses, informative blog posts, Video Shorts, free business analysis skills training, and other related material.

This combination of instruction and supporting activities covers the 10% that people can build through training and reading. In a word, this allows them to talk the talk. To address the 20% of learning that requires practicing your business analysis skills, we designed all of our training material around practical exercises, real-life examples, and case studies. This gives participants an opportunity to start to walk the walk. Our training courses consist of 25% presentation and lecture, 40% exercises and case studies, and 35% critique, discussion, and debriefing.

That leaves the 70%, obviously the largest, most time-consuming component of learning and the component most often neglected by training organizations. The best way to expedite this learning phase is through guided performance, meaning getting the job done but with a coach or mentor by your side to give you feedback, critique your performance, suggest alternatives, and keep you pointed in the right direction. Here, BA-EXPERTS offers experienced mentors and coaches either online or onsite. Our coaches/mentors reinforce the business analysis techniques, motivate you and your team, review your deliverables, and generally keep you and your people on track when you need the skill the most – i.e., in real life. Because they have “been there, done that” many times themselves, they can pave the learning path for you.

Work with BA-EXPERTS to flatten the dreaded “Learning Curve” that is the curse of conventional training. The 70-20-10 model of skill building is the quickest way to gain the tremendous competitive advantage that well-trained, empowered employees offer your organization. Bottom line: At BA-EXPERTS, we do not just offer training in business analysis — we offer Business Analysis Skill-Building; that is our differentiator.

The ball is in your court. Call (702-637-4573) or email us today to get on the Fast Track to business analysis skill building.

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