Bring Your Best Minds Together for a Requirements Workshop

Does this sound familiar?

We don’t have user stories ready for our development team

Our users don’t have a clear idea of their IT requirements

Our customers are not sure what functionality they need

Our stakeholders don’t agree on the user stories

A Virtual Requirements Workshop Gets Results - FAST!

Because all relevant stakeholders are present at the same time and able to communicate effectively with each other, they can make quick, informed decisions with greater confidence in the result.

Requirements Workshops Can Solve Your Toughest Issues


Our Product Backlog is a mess


Missing, redundant, and conflicting requirements give me a huge headache


Replenishing our Product Backlog or Kanban Board takes too long


Stakeholders have conflicting priorities


Getting answers from our stakeholders takes forever


Communication gaps exist between customers, developers, and project managers


Working with your business or customer-side teams and your developers, our experienced facilitators deliver the results you need – User Stories, Features, Functional and Non-Functional Requirements, Process and/or Data Models. You decide!

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A Rose By Any Other Name …

User Story Workshop, Backlog Grooming Session, Collaboration Meetings, Requirements Discovery Workshop, Three Amigo Conversations, Replenishment Meeting, Sprint 0, Requirements Meeting, Level 0 Workshop, Strategy Meeting, Requirements Workshop …


These are all different terms used for deciding and defining which set of product features our developers should work on next. Some of the terms are linked to software development methods such as Scrum and Kanban others are more general in nature.

Whether you use Kanban, Scrum, or a combination of the two, like Scrumban, Kanplan, WagiLeanFall, or WaterKanScrumBanFall,  all of them are team processes. Every team needs to figure out how to plan, define, develop, and release great software.

In any of these types of get-togethers, experts from the technical and the business side discover, define, prioritize, validate and discuss IT requirements at the right level of detail needed at this point in time. A facilitator adds value to such a session if multiple stakeholders are involved or the business needs are complex. 

The lean or agile team might use the results of a workshop to add items to their product backlog, replenish a Kanban Board, or just have a high level requirements document for the current project. 

You Define Your Needs and We Deliver

Our facilitators specialize in team building, consensus building, conflict resolution, motivation and empowerment. They think out of the box and quickly apply a different business analysis technique to get to the defined outcomes.

Our facilitated User Story and Requirements Workshops are the best tool for quickly and accurately:

  • brainstorming features
  • writing user stories
  • defining acceptance criteria
  • analyzing processes
  • modeling business data AND / OR
  • identifying functional and non-functional requirements

Bring us in to facilitate your next User Story or Requirements Workshop. We will help your group understand and achieve consensus on the critical features.

Our facilitation teams have extensive experience in helping people think outside the box.

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