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As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, global business hit a roadblock that was as unpredictable as it was inevitable. However, given human ingenuity, roadblocks are not eternal. It takes patience and hard work, but somehow, we always manage to find a way to get past the roadblock, even if we need to take a detour.

While you, like me, are most likely working from home or not working at all, now is the time to be creative. Change is inevitable in the business world and one of the primary players in a changing environment are the ones wearing the “Business Analysis” hat.

These folks do not necessarily have the job title “Business Analyst”, but they are responsible for defining future solutions to today’s problems. In the current environment, these people are instrumental in restarting our economy and configuring the businesses of tomorrow.

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Uncertain Times Require Fresh Solutions

We now are living in uncertain times because the magnitude of changes we face is unknown. For those who would return to the old ways, there is no path leading there. We must recognize that this disease is a force that must be dealt with, not just now while it is fresh, but for the foreseeable future. According to the experts, COVID-19 will most likely become a recurring threat that has its seasons and will have to be contained year after year.

Our new business models need to take that into account. We need new modes of interacting with each other, presumably taking advantage of electronic communication in lieu of personal contact wherever it is possible. A significant advantage to virtual training that few people have recognized to date is the protection it offers from contagious diseases. Your computer might get a virus, but you will not suffer headache, fever, and potentially death as a result.

Virtual Training Is Virtually Healthy

Personally, I don’t know about your takeaway from the COVID-19 outbreak, but as for me, I’m all in on virtual training. That actually is a two-way road, because I not only present online training but will also be getting all of my training behind the safety of a computer screen.

Tom Hathaway

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