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Business Analysis Group Training

Traditional and Lean / Agile Requirements Definition

for Product Owners, Business- and Customer-side Teams, Agile Teams, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts, and anyone involved in defining digital solutions.

For Lean and Agile Environments

Getting and Writing IT Requirements in a Lean and Agile World

Learn Business Analysis Techniques for Discovering Requirements, User Stories, Features, and Gherkin (Given-When-Then) Tests

How to Discover, Write, and Manage User Stories

25 Techniques to Capture, Clarify, and Confirm User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, Scenarios, and Examples that Communicate Business Needs to Agile Teams

Lean / Agile Business Analysis: Writing BUSINESS Use Cases

Enabling Stakeholders to Capture, Organize, and Communicate Functional Business Requirements for a Digital Solution

Facilitating Requirements Workshops or User Story Discovery Sessions

Plan, Prepare, and Conduct Effective Requirements Meetings and User Story Workshops to Get a Clear Definition of a Proposed Product Faster

Fundamentals of Business Analysis

Requirements Elicitation – Getting User Requirements for IT Projects

Learn Effective Communication Techniques to Get More Complete and Correct IT Requirements, User Stories, and Examples

How to Write, Document, and Manage IT Requirements

Capture, Clarify, and Confirm Business, Stakeholder, and Solution Requirements for traditional IT Projects to Minimize Missing and Misunderstood Requirements

Advanced Topics

Business Process Modeling and Analysis

Minimize Missing Business Requirements by Creating, Analyzing, and Presenting Data Flow, Activity, and Swim-lane Diagrams that Reveal Hidden Functional Requirements

Data Modeling and Business Information Analysis

Enable Business Data Visualization with Simple Data Models Everyone Understands

Estimating Techniques for IT Projects

Improve Your Early IT Project Estimates to Reduce Costs and Increase Success Rates

virtual online classroom
All classes are be delivered online

Each course comes with extensive exercises, case studies, and debriefs by our cadre of experienced Business Analysts.

Adaptable to different audiences
Each course tailored to your needs

Our Business Analyst training courses are suitable for many different audiences. All our instructors are trained to adapt to different professional backgrounds in class. 

Tailored Business Analysis Training
Business Analysis a la Carte

Create your own course or training program by picking topics or learning objectives from multiple courses.

At no cost to you, we can assemble an optimal set of training topics based on your group’s current and desired business analysis skill levels. We can also use our Business Analysis Skills Evaluation (BASE) tool to establish these levels. 

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Accelerate the learning curve with

FAST TRACK to Business Analysis Skills

According to the 70-20-10 model of learning,

10% of learning comes from courses and books,

20% from feedback and from working examples,

70% from doing it and solving problems as they arise.

Our FAST TRACK program is a blended learning approach to quickly develop business analysis skills. We designed it specifically around the 70-20-10 model of learning.

How It Works

Preparing for the Class

To optimize the time together with the instructor, we teach the basic concepts of a topic using self-paced, online courses, video shorts, and/or books. At each student’s own pace, they get comfortable with basic concepts and think about how these might apply in their environment. This enables each student to bring questions to the classroom.

During the Class

During class, we deepen the acquired knowledge. Our instructors use real-life examples, exercises and case studies to kick-start problem-solving abilities. Because the students learned many of the basics before class, the instructor can focus more on examples, exercises, and new ideas or techniques that the students are struggling with.

This addresses the first 30% of learning.

What about the whopping 70% left over?

It ain’t over when it’s over

Succeeding in Your Job

Our mentors and coaches can help you solve real-life problems when you are under the gun and expected to perform in real time.

References at Your Fingertips

You also have access to our FREE video library for reference. You can look up something that was taught in class but slipped your mind. Our self-paced courses and books and eBooks are another resource that will help you to succeed.

Get a free consultation

Let’s discuss how your custom Fast Track program should look. Give your business-side and technical teams the analysis skills to identify and communicate IT solutions quickly and effectively.

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Trusted and Used by Fortune 500 Companies

“…, having completed the massive 2-month business analysis training marathon for 120 participants, each attending 5 days. I’m grateful that everything went well, and that Dan was able to deliver all classes… [the participants] talked about the well-structured, well-thought-through training contents. We find that your course was not one of those mass products quickly put together, but it was like an old tree grown with authenticity and experience. For those keen to learn, there was a lot to discover. They returned to their jobs with courage to try new techniques, and daring to ask questions where needed.”

Miyuki Masuda

Training Director, Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UAE

“… This business analysis training was extremely helpful. It tied in excellently with what I’ve acquired so far from the IIBA® and the BABOK®. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a dedicated Business Analyst or even particularly advanced in my experience, the course was still well suited for my understanding. It was a pleasant surprise for me that this business analysis training provided me with useful tools and information in problem areas for me that I did not realize were either the cause or effect of my requirements management difficulties. I’m definitely looking forward to applying some of these concepts as well as looking forward to my next course.”


Project Manager

Current and past customers include TIAA-CREF, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines, Federal Reserve, Berkley Technology Solutions, Florida Blue, Manitoba Telecom Services, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Best Western International, many government agencies, and a myriad of organizations spanning all sizes and industries.

What Is Your Preferred Flavor?

 User Stories, Features, Requirements, and/or Use Cases?

Whether defined business needs are in the form of user stories, features, requirements, or use cases in your organization, depends largely on the software development approach that your company uses.

User stories are more commonly used within lean or agile methods, while requirements documents are more commonly associated with the traditional waterfall methodology.

Use Cases and User Stories promote more discussion and collaboration than requirements documents. They are rapidly  becoming the preferred approach for defining IT business needs in today’s organization.

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We’re here to help.

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