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Workflow is where things get done in any organization. Uncovering workflow problems and inefficiencies is the ultimate goal of workflow analysis using data flow diagrams. The process can be challenging, Problems are often caused by insufficient access to needed information at the appropriate time. Data flow diagrams are the perfect tool for representing the creation, use, and disposition of data in support of workflow. This category page offers articles, videos, KnowledgeKnuggets™, and Lesson Previews that will get you started.

Data Flow Diagrams vs Activity Diagrams: Which to Use When

The purpose of any model is to focus people’s attention on specific dimensions of the depicted situation that the model makes visible. This visibility is critical because when people can see what they are discussing, it helps keep their discussion on topic. Just...

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Problem Analysis Using a DFD: A True Story

To set the scene, we were hired by the IT manager of a major corporation to conduct a Requirements Gathering Workshop for a project that he felt was impossible. The project sponsor was the Director of Marketing in the company (we’ll call him Mark) and he wanted to...

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Walkthrough of Problem Analysis using a DFD

According to an old adage, “The proof is in the pudding.” Ergo, we will offer you some “Pudding” by walking you through a real life example of Problem Analysis using a DFD. To make it easier to follow, we will use our standard Data Flow Diagram of a typical Order...

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Process Modeling for Requirements: Yeah or Nay?

A participant in our ILT course, "Business Process Modeling and Analysis – Simply Put!" recently asked, "Is the time it takes to create a detailed process model for my project a worthwhile investment?" Here is our take on it. Generally speaking, a business process is...

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