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Category: Requirements Gathering (aka Elicitation)

Articles, How-To Videos, and Course Previews

Requirements gathering is all about eliciting, trawling, discovering, extracting, drawing out – or whatever you call it – requirements from domain experts, managers, and stakeholders by any other title. This category includes articles, videos, KnowledgeKnuggets™, and books on tools, techniques, and tips for getting the requirements, user stories, features, functions, and non-functional requirements defined.

Ben Franklin on Business Analysis

Business Analysis Question: What Do You Know? Ben Franklin once observed, "... the more we know, the more we feel that we don't know." Actually, I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that he was neither the first nor the last to voice that thought, albeit he did...

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JAD (Requirements Workshop) – An Agile Approach to Requirements?

The general idea of JAD was to assemble a cross-functional team consisting of subject matter experts and systems analysts/developers. Put this group off-site under the direction of a skilled and motivated facilitation team, this group could define high-quality business and stakeholder requirements in a week.

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