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Category: Requirements Gathering (aka Elicitation)

Articles, How-To Videos, and Course Previews

Requirements gathering is all about eliciting, trawling, discovering, extracting, drawing out – or whatever you call it – requirements from domain experts, managers, and stakeholders by any other title. This category includes articles, videos, KnowledgeKnuggets™, and books on tools, techniques, and tips for getting the requirements, user stories, features, functions, and non-functional requirements defined.

Motivating Stakeholders to Show Up and Contribute

Do You Struggle Getting Stakeholders to Attend Requirements Workshops and Meetings? I ran across a fascinating book titled “7 Secrets of Persuasion: Leading-Edge Neuromarketing Techniques to Influence Anyone” by James C. Crimmins, PhD. The book is a spell-binding...

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Why to NOT Ask WHY: Improving Business Requirements

Asking WHY Can Lead to the Wrong Answer As Business Analysts, we need to know WHY people do what they do to figure out opportunities for improvement. It turns out that asking WHY is a lousy way to find out. If we ask “WHY”, we will get an answer, but there is a good...

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What Exactly Is Requirements Elicitation?

Lecture 2 of “How to Run Requirements Meetings and Facilitated Workshops – How to Effectively Communicate with Stakeholders to Discover User Stories, Features, and Non-functional Requirements”

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A Basic Business Problem Analysis Technique

How does your organization decide which projects to fund? When a project is done, how do you know if it was successful? Business problem analysis is a set of techniques that identify and evaluate areas in which stakeholders are unhappy with an existing situation....

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