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Category: Business Analysis Overviews

Articles, How-To Videos, and Course Previews

What is business analysis and who needs it? This term can be easily misunderstood. Whether you are an executive, manager, product owner, or developer, or have the job title Business Analyst, you can improve your understanding of this fascinating and challenging function. This category offers articles, videos, KnowledgeKnuggets™, and Lesson Previews introducing business analysis activities, tasks, and techniques.

Business Analysis versus Business as Usual

If humanity had opted for “business-as-usual” from the beginning, I would probably be using a hammer and chisel to pound out this post. Before we invented writing, I’d just be shouting it out to anyone who could hear and wasn’t a carnivore big enough to kill me. I...

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Part 6: The Now and Future Business Analyst Profession

Finally, part 6 of the presentation to the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis TM) Cincinnati Chapter and the Bluegrass IIBA® Chapter. How to Capture, Write, Prioritize, Rightsize, Split, and Flesh Out User Stories with Defined Acceptance Tests as...

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