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For those who possess a burning desire to understand what makes organizations work and how to improve them, the business analysis career is golden. You will be charged with solving organizational problems dealing with efficiency, human-machine interaction, structure, and finances. To get you started on the path to success, this page offers articles, videos, KnowledgeKnuggets™, and Lesson Previews on the topic.

How to Become a Certified Business Analyst

Help Wanted: Business Analyst According to, the average base pay for IT Business Analysts as of April 2018 is $76,549/yr. The Entry Level Business Analyst is $65K. A Senior Business Analyst averages $87,594/yr. The same source reports that...

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Learning Business Analysis using the 70/20/10 Rule

Studying versus Learning Business Analysis There are two fundamental ways to learn how to do anything: the academic (theoretical) path and the apprenticeship (mentoring/coaching) path. Whether you choose the academic or apprenticeship route, acquiring any ability...

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Tactical Business Analysis is Done During Project Initiation

Tactical Business Analysis is applied within a project to ensure that the product is well defined and understood both by those who need the produce and by those who build/buy the product. In an Agile environment, it is used primarily during release, iteration, and sprint planning sessions.

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Where Do Business Analysts Come From?

Growing Business Analysts What seeds do you as an organization have to plant to grow strong business analysts? Or, if you are an aspiring business analyst, what soil is best suited for feeding you the nutrients you need to grow? When should you be planted and how...

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What Type of Business Analyst Are You?

Whereas both project managers (PM) and business analysts (BA) need negotiation, planning, and people skills, the PM role delegates and empowers the people while the BA has to interview and understand them.

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