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Category: Agile Business Analysis

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Agile business analysis is a discipline that focuses on making the process of defining and analyzing the requirements for a product or project as efficient and effective as possible. The resources in this category can help you learn more about how to make your business analysis efforts lean and effective, and how to deliver sustainable value to your organization.

Lean Business Analysis for Agile Teams

Lean Business Analysis for Agile Teams To stay competitive in today’s globalized economy, you need to bring products to market sooner and with fewer resources. The widespread adoption of Agile software development has enabled organizations to react to change must...

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Is It “Lean Business Analysis” or “Agile Analysis”?

We currently are in a great debate, one that will potentially define our industry for the upcoming decade – or at least a few days. Like Abe said, “The world may little note nor long remember what we say here, and it probably won’t matter diddly, anyway.”  - or...

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Getting to Agile Analysis (Lean Business Analysis)

I can no longer count the times I’ve read or heard the statement, “We don’t need Business Analysts in Agile. Business Analysts don’t really add value, they just parrot what the real stakeholders tell them”. OK, that may not be verbatim, but it certainly captures the...

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Lean Business Analysis Skills for Agile Product Owners

I was recently asked, “What are the most important business analysis skills or techniques that Product Owners need?” My initial response was, “Most – if not all”. But then I started thinking (a nasty habit that irritates the hell out of those who know me better;...

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Take the Path to Lean Business Analysis

In today’s world, your organization must be responsive, flexible, and make things happen quickly. You must do more with less - and faster. You no longer have business as usual, so why do business analysis as usual? Moving toward Lean Business Analysis in your...

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Is Business Analysis Losing a Frenemy?

A Requiem for Agile? OK, so the Agile Software Development Methodology (SDM) is dead — at least according to several posts (see sources here) published by some of its founding fathers and others over the past 3 years. (Apparently it takes a long time for an SDM to...

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Agile Business Analysis or Business Analysis for Agile?

Agile is currently a very popular term in the world of information technology or IT.  Since the release of the Agile Manifesto and the proven viability of Agile Software Development Methodologies, every product or service supporting IT development strives for...

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