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Test Your Business Analysis Skills

Get me to first BASE!

Our Business Analysis Skills Evaluation (BASE) is a versatile tool for identifying your group’s skill gaps. Based on our extensive experience teaching and working with business and systems analysts around the world, Assess Your Business Analysis Skillswe identified specific techniques that the majority of business analysts needed to perform well. We grouped those business analysis skills into the 6 Knowledge Areas recommended by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®). Our customers have used this tool at three different levels.

For Individual Improvement

Level 1At level 1, each individual simply takes the evaluation, indicating his or her comfort level with each technique. When they finish, they can see how well they scored in each of the 6 Knowledge Areas defined by the IIBA®. At this level, the tool compares their results with the 80% needed to pass the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ exam. The individual can request our personalized training recommendations to improve in areas in which they scored below the 80 percentile. This level is free of charge as our involvement is minimal.

Let me establish my BASE!

For Targeted Tailored Training

Level 2At level 2, your organization requests that we assemble the results of a group of individuals to tailor our training offer to the needs of the group. You can learn more about this level by viewing our brief video How We Tailor Our Training. This service is also free since its purpose is to deliver your group the training it needs.

Let me test the BASE!

For Your Business Analysis Skill-Building Program

Level 3At level 3, those responsible for managing business analysts establish the desired business analysis skills level for each technique and send us their goals. If there are multiple managers involved, each manager can have different goals. Each manager sets a desired business analysis skills level for each of the 48 business analysis techniques and assigns a group ID for his/her group. Once managers have set the bar, each business analyst submits his or her self-evaluation indicating their business analysis skills level in each technique and supplies the group ID their manager assigned. BA-EXPERTS assembles the results into a management briefing showing strengths and weaknesses of each group and/or each individual and our recommendation for addressing any skill gaps. We deduct the nominal charge for this service from training or other services your organization orders from BA-EXPERTS.


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