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Get Your Requirements Right the First Time with Business Analysis eCoaching

Practice builds a skill – assuming you practice right. Whether you are training your mind or training your muscles, about 70% of building a new skill is applying it under pressure. Our eCoaches and eMentors both facilitate the 70% by guiding and giving feedback when you need it most. The difference between business analysis eCoaching and eMentoring lies in their focus.


Studies confirm that 70% of skills acquisition is only possible through practice. Classroom and virtual training introduce a new method or technique. Real learning does not take place until you apply it in real life. For a skill as complex as business analysis, you need guidance and feedback to learn how to do it right.

Business analysis coaches and mentors both offer that support. What is the difference between these roles? A business analysis mentor’s primary goal is to improve your business analysis skill set. They accomplish their mission when you are ready to go it alone. A business analysis coach guides you to a specific result that you define. They are successful if you achieve your desired outcome. For example:

We mentored a customer who was a project leader but had no business analysis experience. With our help, she secured a job as a business analyst in an organization that had none. The e-mentoring relationship was so successful that the company not only hired her, they promoted her after just 3 weeks on the job to lead their newly formed Business Analysis Center of Excellence staffed with new hires.

We coached a Product Owner through the somewhat painful process of defining his requirements for an external provider that used an Agile software development process. After four e-coaching sessions, the Product Owner delivered a complete set of requirements and models to the Agile team. As a result, a project that once nearly ended in litigation concluded with the successful implementation of the app with all features the Product Owner wanted. As a by-product, he acquired business analysis skills he could apply to any future project.

Coaching or mentoring, virtual or face-to-face – discover which is best for your situation!

You can purchase both services in 1 hour increments or call 702-637-4573 to discuss our specific needs.

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