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Business Analysis Mentors/Coaches

Just-In-Time (JIT) Support for Digital Business Analysis Activities

Our experienced mentors and coaches can:

Customize any of our courses for virtual delivery for you or your group

Reinforce lessons learned during a business analysis training course

Collaborate on high-quality User Stories, Features, Use Cases, and Models for your current project

Kick-Start Your Business Analyst Career

… and all of that from the comfort of your own computer. Or tablet. Or smartphone. (We don’t offer telepathy yet, but we are working on it)

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to determine where you are today and where you would like to be

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Become a Business Analyst Using Mentoring and Coaching

Get a free consultation

To ensure that our approach is right for you, we schedule a free, one-on-one consultation to determine where you are today and what you would like to accomplish. You can purchase either service in 1 hour increments.

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Business Analysis Mentoring Leads to a Major Promotion

We mentored a customer who was a project leader but had no business analysis experience. 

With our help, she secured a job as a business analyst in an organization that had none. The e-mentoring relationship was so successful that the company not only hired her, they promoted her after just 3 weeks on the job to lead their newly formed Business Analysis Center of Excellence staffed with new hires.

Business Analysis Coaching Avoids Litigation

We coached a Product Owner through the somewhat painful process of defining his requirements for an external provider that used an Agile software development process.

After four e-coaching sessions, the Product Owner delivered a complete set of requirements and models to the Agile team. As a result, a project that once nearly ended in litigation concluded with the successful implementation of the app with all features the Product Owner wanted. As a by-product, he acquired business analysis skills he could apply to any future project.

Gaining Expertise While Delivering Tangible Results

Whether online or onsite, our coaches and mentors can help you:


Elicit, define, and verify user stories, acceptance criteria, use cases, and other requirements types that your current project requires


Figure out what to ask, whom to ask, how to ask, and how to recognize a good answer


Plan, prepare and execute information gathering meetings, from 1-on-1 interviews to Requirements Workshops


Analyze an existing situation to identify and define business problems


Model and optimize business processes


Capture, depict and analyze what business data represents and how it is used


Develop and execute an appropriate acceptance testing strategy and plan

Our approach ensures that you have access to the expert’s guidance when you need it in real life.

How It Works

Based on your goals and your background, we work with you to identify an approach (Mentoring, Coaching, or a blend) that will help you achieve your goals as effectively as possible.

Once we have agreement on the approach, we set up a rough schedule of future sessions in which we use modern web collaboration tools to present techniques, tricks-of-the-trade (Mentoring), and/or review your deliverables (Coaching) as appropriate.

Since Coaching paces itself with your need-to-know on your real project, we synchronize these sessions to your project schedule, which is subject to change (just like real life).

Each session is typically 1 – 2 hours in length. We also offer telephone support and can review deliverables off-line to better support you during contact time.

Our approach ensures that you have access to the expert’s guidance when you need it in real life. The combination of Mentoring and Coaching allows you to learn new business analysis skills in a non-threatening classroom-like setting and apply them under pressure with a business analysis expert beside you all the way.

Gain the business analysis know-how that you need to succeed. We can help you with effective requirements development while building your business analysis capabilities.

Our coaches, mentors, and consultants can evaluate what you have done so far, help you select a success route, and map your skill-building progress.

Mentors and Coaches Are the Ultimate Skills Transfer Experts

You have a personal learning style; that is how you assimilate new knowledge easiest and most effectively. Beyond being experts in business analysis, our coaches are aware of learning style differences and adjust the skills transfer process to fit the needs of each person.

Building skills has to fit your schedule, not ours. Like any good teacher, they are successful when the person using their services no longer needs them. Our coaches and mentors use modern communications technology to offer personal skills transfer from the best in the field today to the best and brightest of the future across the country or around the world in real-time.

Which Method Is Best for You?


A mentor teaches you selected business analysis techniques and methods to help you succeed in your profession. This is a cost-effective alternative to acquire business analysis skills at your own pace and workplace or to reinforce lessons learned during one of our training seminars.


A Coach works with you by demonstrating appropriate business analysis techniques to create a specific deliverable for your current project and guides you while you work. This allows you to gain business analysis skills while delivering a tangible result. Coaching sessions are one-on-one reviews of your work or explanations of what you could do next to complete a specific task.

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We’re here to help.

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