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Help Wanted: Business Analyst

According to, the average base pay for IT Business Analysts as of April 2018 is $76,549/yr. The Entry Level Business Analyst is $65K. A Senior Business Analyst averages $87,594/yr. The same source reports that there are currently over 100,000 job openings in the United States alone.

Is a Professional Business Analyst Career the Right Choice for You?

If those numbers sound impressive, perhaps it is time for you to become the certified business analysis expert organizations seek. Do you have the skills it takes? You could get a glimmer by taking our revised Business Analysis Skills Evaluation, but regardless how you score yourself, it doesn’t end there.

The Need for Certification

I have written several posts over the past years on becoming a business analyst. How to Become a Business Analyst within Your Budget (V2.0) is one of the most popular. Learning Business Analysis using the 70/20/10 Rule presents different challenges and offers solutions how to best acquire new skills.

The majority of my previous posts addressed “the one wearing the Business Analysis hat™” to help those whose job title may not be Business Analyst. If you are a C-level executive in any organization, becoming a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) is probably not your goal in life. However, for many of you it might be just the perfect career move to consider this lucrative and fascinating career choice.

NEW: Business Analyst Certification Program

Advance your career with an IIBA® Business Analysis Certification (ECBA, CCBA, CBAP).

Learn the techniques, the exam requirements, and prepare for the tests.

Certification is a Challenging but Lucrative Option

On one hand, anyone can become a business analyst, regardless of your background. Becoming a Certified Business Analyst is, however, a different level entirely. For that reason, BA-EXPERTS has partnered with Nadine Millner, CBAP to offer a path to business analyst certification by the International Institute for Business Analysis™ (IIBA®). The 5-day course is designed for novices and practitioners alike. Instruction takes place virtually or in-classroom (upon request). The 5-day program can be delivered on site or online over 5 consecutive days. It can also be scheduled to run over a 5-week period, either through full-day seminars or evening classes. Check out our new Business Analyst Certification Program to prepare you from the get-go for the challenging but lucrative certification process.

Like practicing professionals of any kind, we need more Certified Business Analysts to improve the quality of life for organizations and their employees.

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