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Read the topic and evaluate how good you think you are in the described technique. Select your current skill level per technique by moving the green range slider to the level you feel fits. The range is from 0-5. (When you are sliding the range, the meaning of the respective level will show underneath the slider.)

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Topic: Participate in Release Planning Sessions, Sprint Planning Sessions, and a Sprint Zero


Work as or with a Product Owner and an Agile team to define the desired outcome of a Sprint. This requires clarification of User Stories, development of Scenarios and Examples, and assisting in estimating exercises.



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The chart below represents your perceived skill levels in each of the 6 Knowledge Areas related to business analysis. It shows your confidence based on your interpretation of the presented topics. The Knowledge Areas are defined by the International Institute of Business Analysis® (IIBA®). They are published in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®), Version 3. To earn the coveted title Certified Business Analysis Professional® (CBAP®), you must fulfill the requirements as defined by the IIBA®. One of the requirements is to score 80% or higher in 4 of the 6 Knowledge Areas on the exam. The chart should help you determine in what areas you most likely need to improve your skills to achieve that goal.



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