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Free agile lean waterfall business analysis techniques for product owners

Acceptance Testing: Discovering Gherkin Given-When-Then Scenarios for Agile Business Analysts

How to Discover Scenarios, Outlines and Examples Using Decision Tables and Use Cases


Author: Tom and Angela Hathaway
Video Duration: 12.57 minutes

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Acceptance Tests (Scenarios, Scenario Outlines, and Examples) have become a critical part of many lean development approaches. To support this new testing paradigm, you need to be able to identify and optimize Scenarios, Scenario Outlines, and Examples in GIVEN-WHEN-THEN format (Gherkin) that are the bases for Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD). Gherkin is the language that many automated testing tools understand.

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Decision Tables and Use Cases Lead to Acceptance Test Scenarios

Decision tables are a reliable analysis tool for ensuring that an application behaves as intended in all possible situations. A bonus is that the decision table leads directly into Test Scenarios.

Commonly considered a development or analysis tool, Use Cases also lay the groundwork for Test Scenarios as well.

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Written for the aspiring Business Analyst and anyone tasked with defining the business needs, requirements, or user stories for a future IT solution.

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