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Business Analysis is a Process

Business Analysis defines future information technology (IT) solutions — without definition, any solution must be acceptable.

What Moves Us?

Effective business analysis is crucial to continuous business success. Your organization’s future depends on how well you leverage the potential offered by changes in Information Technology (IT) even as the pace of change increases. New Lean and Agile philosophies offer better solutions to bridge the communications gap. Integrated IT development and operations (DevOps) continuously improve software to react to changing situations faster and more efficiently than ever before. The entire IT landscape is improving rapidly. Organizations like yours will embrace the change, step aside, or get run over. We chose to adapt.

Who Are We?

BA-EXPERTS is a skill-building organization with over 30 years of experience dealing with change. Our mission is to help “anyone wearing the Business Analysis hat” improve their ability to capture. clarify, and communicate requirements for future Information Technology solutions. We offer blended training that integrates lean and agile principles into the process of capturing, clarifying, and communicating business needs to IT. Our principals, instructors, coaches, mentors, and instructional designers apply the latest Lean and Agile approaches to the process of requirements discovery, definition, and analysis. From Vision Statement to Acceptance-Test Driven Development (ATDD), our training programs will significantly improve your business analysis skill set.

agile and lean business analysis for requirements discoveryAs a business analysis skill-building organization, we embrace lean philosophies and strive to maximize the quality and minimize the cost of defining the information technology solutions your organization needs and deserves.

The Principals

Angela and Tom Hathaway founded BA-EXPERTS in 2011. As a team, Angela and Tom have trained, consulted, mentored and coached the latest business analysis techniques to thousands of people in all walks of life around the world. We have worked with organizations from small businesses to Fortune 100. Hundreds of current and past customers include Infoblox (Web Technology), TIAA-CREF (Financial), Cathay Pacific (Airline), Emirates Airlines, Berkley Technology Solutions (Insurance), Manitoba Telecom Services (Telecommunications), Starwood Hotels and Resorts (Hospitality), government agencies, and a myriad of organizations spanning all sizes and industries. Our training, consulting, and mentoring efforts have saved our customers around the world millions and can help your organization improve its business analysis practices.

Why We Teach Lean

The true purpose of business analysis is to define a future for your organization that will allow it to achieve business goals and objectives established by the organization’s leaders. Although often associated with IT (Information Technology), business analysis is a business process regardless which organizational unit performs it. However, IT is the primary driver of change in today’s environment and IT is rapidly adapting Lean and Agile Software Development methods. Anyone communicating with developers in this era should be comfortable expressing their needs in User Stories, Feature Maps, Scenarios, and Examples. Lean business analysis reduces waste in the requirements process. Lean requirements reduce waste in all down-stream activities from coding to testing to implementation to ongoing maintenance of delivered applications. Call us for more information.

How To Write User Stories That Deliver Real Business Value

How to Capture, Write, Prioritize, Rightsize and Split User Stories Plus Acceptance Tests with Given-When-Then Scenarios

Online Course: Agile Business Analysis: Getting / Writing Lean Requirements

what is lean or agile business analysis?

User Stories: A Collaboration Tool for Business and IT

How to Capture, Write, Prioritize, Rightsize, and Flesh Out User Stories with Defined Acceptance Tests as Given-When-Then (GWT) Scenarios

How to Facilitate Agile Meetings and User Story Workshops

How to Facilitate or Participate in Successful Live or Virtual Meetings and Workshops that Define Digital Solutions

Requirements Gathering with Use Cases for Business Analysts

Lean Use Cases to identify and write Use Case models and diagrams

How to Design, Build, Deploy, and Manage Directed Chatbots

Learn how to build a Landbot chatbot with conversational flow design

Live Virtual Classroom

online and onsite face to face live classroom training

Business Analyst Skills Test

Evaluate Your Business Analysis Skills



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